About Us


Thank you for your interest in Endangered Species Jeep! We wanted to share with you how we first got started in this business. We started working on our own Jeeps in our driveways just trying to keep them alive. We still work on and drive our own Jeeps every day! We have come a long way from maintaining Jeeps to now restoring and modifying Jeeps today. Many ask about the origins of our name, Endangered Species. Any Jeep older than 2006 is no longer manufactured and is likely dying from the elements or disrepair. Our mission is to keep as many of these “endangered” Jeeps on the road as possible for as long as possible.

Here at Endangered Species Jeep, we have an extensive offering of in house services that range from general maintenance such as oil changes and parts replacements to fill restorations and off-road modifications. We offer competitive pricing which matches that of many on-line stores. Weather you want us to perform the work on your Jeep or just supply the parts for you to install, we are here to help! We keep a large inventory of parts in house from an extensive list of vendors (see our Vendors page). We are also happy to work on vehicles which are not Jeeps, just give us a call!

We are conveniently located in Holyoke, MA at the I90 and I91 intersections. We have customers from all over New England and beyond! Stop in and say hello or give us a call today!


We also perform suspension work, axles, lockers, tires, tops, and other offroad accessories for many other Jeeps, including JKs. Please see our Services page for more details.


Feel free to stop by the shop or give us a call at (413) 532-0732.

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